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Circus Charlie (1984)

Arcade Action | Console

Game Info

  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Release Date: 02 Apr, 1984
  • Genres: Arcade Action
  • Gaming Experience: Played
  • Played Platform: Console


Circus Charlie is an arcade platform game published by Konami. You are Charlie, a member of a circus troupe. Your job is to please the crowd by performing death-defying stunts. You and the lion must jump through several rings of fire. Walk the tightrope for 70 meters, avoiding the monkeys that get in your way. Roll on a ball for 80 meters, jumping from ball to ball and Ride a horse for 200 meters, bouncing on trampolines along the way. Finally, trapeze from swing to swing for 50 meters. Once you have completed all the stunts, you have to do them again and hopefully, more points will be awarded.


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