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Ace Combat Assault Horizon (2013)

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Ace Combat Assault Horizon is a spin-off installment of the Ace Combat flight simulation video game series. It was developed by Project Aces and published by Bandai Namco Games. In early 2015, an insurgent group named "SRN" surfaces in Eastern Africa. Quickly overwhelmed, the region's nations request the United Nations for help, which in turn calls upon NATO to deal with the situation. The insurgence has the advantage of guerillia warfare and unusually advanced weaponry, which allows it to rapidly move through the entire African continent. Seeing how the situation worsens, NATO commissions a special unit named the Task Force 108, an international military unit comprised of aircraft pilots and military commanders from, amidst other nations, the United States of America, Russian Federation and France. Furthermore, NATO has discovered that the rebels are in command of a weapon of mass destruction - a special cruise missile named "Trinity".

To make things worse, it has been confirmed that the SRN is being assisted by a group of Russian mercenaries led by Colonel Andrei Markov, a feared ace pilot and former Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Air Force. Soon thereafter, William Bishop, leader of the Task Force, sees himself and his comrades involved in an escalating race between NATO and SRN for the control of Trinity.


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8 Months ago

Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the best part of the Ace Combat series yet, particularly thanks to the Dogfights. Namco Bandai has showed that air combat games can be as thrilling and spectacular as first-person shooters. Every wargame fan should give the game a try, even those who have never tried a flight simulator game, for its great new gameplay features.