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Magical Company ltd. also known as Mahō, is a Japanese entertainment company. Established in Kobe in 1983 to design and develop video games, the company was incorporated on May 29, 1985 as Home Data. During the 80's they developed and published various mahjong games for the Arcades. They developed Last Apostle Puppet Show known in Japan as Reikai Dōshi Chinese Exorcist, released in September 1988. It was the first fighting game to use digitized sprites and motion capture animation, and was the first claymation fighting game. They also created Battlecry among many other titles for different console systems.

In 1993, in order to mark the tenth anniversary of Home Data's establishment, the company's name was changed to Magical Company. They ported three Garou Densetsu titles for the Sharp X68000, and are also well known in Japan for having published many Shogi titles. The baseball series Kōshien is their most notable franchise.


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